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How To Optimize Your Landing Pages

Your website landing pages are some of the most important components of your internet marketing system. If you cannot get your web visitors to take action via your landing pages, it is going to be impossible for you to build a productive list and automate your selling process.  Landing pages are the initiation of your selling funnel, so you should put a lot of focus and priority on getting them right.

Here are some very poor things that you need to do with your landing pages to make sure that they are optimized.

  • Make sure your headline GRABS their attention!
  • Include images, and or videos on your landing pages to help draw your visitors attention were you want.
  • Use a subheader underneath your primary headline to highlight the benefits of your offer to your visitor.
  • Remove your navigation links to prevent lead “leakage”.
  • Decide whether you’re going to use more fields on your form to raise your lead quality, or use fewer fields to optimize the number of leads you receive.  This depends on your goals for your page.
  • Always do A/B  split testing on your landing pages. You never know what will convert better until you test it.
  • Use a two-stage opt in process as it has been shown to increase the number of options for most pages and niches. This means that the user will click on a button which will bring up the opt in form.
  • Keep a laser focus on what action you want to take on your page. Sometimes less is more when it comes to copy and images.

What things have you done in the past that have helped with your conversions?

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